🚨 SPONSORED POST 🚨 A few weeks back, I post…

A few weeks back, I posted a story about the sad state of the basement in my rental/soon to be sold property. It needed to be sealed, primed and painted. Floor, walls, ceiling, trim, everything. It was going to be a lot of work, so sort of as a joke, I tagged @homerightps and another company asking if they wanted to sponsor the job and give me a sprayer to try out. Figured it couldn’t hurt to ask and maybe I’d get one of those entry level DIY things. But no, @homerightps took my request and the work I have to do seriously and brought out the big guns. Literally, one of the biggest spray guns: homeright power-flow pro 2800.
So I just wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to them her on IG.
I’m going to start with the instructions tonight and move on to the real painting work, probably this coming weekend, posting my thoughts, action shots and maybe some antics as well. I’ve never used a spray gun so it might be entertaining. I’ll give an honest review from the perspective of a 1st time DIYer using a sprayer, for whatever that’s worth. I have nothing to compare to except for rollering and I’m already pretty sure spraying paint is both more efficient and more fun. In any event, I’m sure we’ll all learn something. Or at least I will. 😃
Thanks again @homerightps !
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